Just a tool to for the Ark Shop.

How To Use:

1. Choose what item you want from us.
2. Input the desired quantity for the item you want to buy.
2.a Click the "Compute" button to see the total buy value.
2.b Select the item you want to exchange (sell).
3. Click the "Compute" button in order to see your order details.
4. Insert your username so we can see who placed the order.
5. Click on the "Place Order" button and we'll complete it ASAP.


More items and high level dinos will be added shortly. 

If you feel any of the prices are too high or too low don't hesitate to contact any of the tribe members (me, Tony Shark or Rizzly).


Items that are colored in RED in the buy list are out of stock and cannot be selected!



DO NOT spam the "Place Order" button.